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Protection Plans

With four tiers of protection, TAPP offers a plan for every vehicle. From our basic Powertrain Protection plan to our most comprehensive coverage, we strive to uphold the same standard of excellence for our customers. Learn more about each of our protection plans below.

TAPP Powertrain Protection

Built to maintain the core components of our customer’s vehicle, our basic protection plan provides coverage and security for the engine, transmission, drive train, and fluid systems. Drive safer with Powertrain Protection.

TAPP Powertrain PLUS

In addition to all the benefits of Powertrain Protection, Powertrain PLUS covers the vehicle’s temperature, brake, fuel, electrical, steering, and suspension systems.

TAPP Exclusionary Plan

Our exclusionary plan extends the coverage provided by the original manufacturer’s warranty. Designed for newer, low-mileage cars, your customer can find comfort in knowing the value of their warranty will be honored long after the original contract ends.

TAPP GAP Insurance

When a vehicle is totaled, the settlement may not cover what is still owed on the lease. Without proper coverage, the ‘gap’ between what a customer has paid and what they owe can be substantial. Our gap coverage may pay the difference between the balance of a lease and the customer’s insurance settlement.

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