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Service Contracts

A TAPP vehicle service contract (VSC) allows you to maximize the lifespan of your vehicle.

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Why Your Customer Needs a Service Contract

Vehicle repair expenses only get more expensive over time. In this digital age, simple repairs that could previously be completed at home in your garage now require the work of highly trained technicians. As technology continues to modernize car design and maintenance, only a licensed mechanic can be trusted to properly care for your customer’s vehicle.

The Benefits of a Service Contract

Most customers are already paying for several types of coverage from medical and dental to home and auto. A vehicle service contract costs about as much your customer’s dental insurance. But over a five-year period, research shows that a vehicle service contract will be used more often than any other form of protection. On average, the cost of the typical repair TAPP covers is more than $782.

Consider this: It can cost $3,640 to fix an engine, $2,700 for a transmission, $560 for A/C repairs and more than $1,400 for brake system repairs. The kicker? None of these costly repairs are covered by traditional insurance. With the TAPP vehicle service contracts your customer could have coverage on all these costly repairs with a low $100 deductible.

The numbers don’t lie. When customers invest in protection and maintenance, their investment pays dividends over time by keeping the car and its passengers safe.

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